About as

“Pilot and Demonstration Center for Decommissioning of Uranium-Graphite Nuclear Reactors” JSC (“PDC UGR” JSC) is an enterprise of ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation under the Back End Division. The Division is managed by the “Federal Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety” JSC.

“PDC UGR” JSC was established on September 24, 2010 as a base company for decommissioning of commercial uranium-graphite nuclear reactors.

One of the key tasks is the development of general-purpose, innovative and safe technologies for nuclear facilities decommissioning suitable for distribution at the nuclear industry enterprises abroad. “PDC UGR” JSC is a unique company specializing in comprehensive decommissioning works of nuclear hazardous facilities.

Peculiarity of the “PDC UGR” JSC is its orientation to practical work, consolidation of nuclear hazardous facilities, namely uranium-graphite nuclear reactors decommissioning experience in order to export the accumulated unique competencies to the international market. In the shortest possible time a number of special technologies were developed which allowed “PDC UGR” JSC to become the first enterprise to safely decommission uranium-graphite nuclear reactor by in-situ option.

Key competitive advantages of “PDC UGR” JSC:

  • highly-qualified personnel;
  • practical experience to perform the whole range of activities for uranium-graphite nuclear reactors decommissioning at all stages, beginning with the performance of comprehensive engineering and radiation surveys and ending with buildings and structures demolition under the high external radiation conditions ;
  • dedicated technologies to carry out the whole range of practical activities for decommissioning of
  • reactor uranium-graphite installations;
  • special unique mobile equipment and process-specialized devices (including in-house developed equipment);
  • on-site production facilities including laboratories, complexes of industrial and ancillary buildings and structures. Five shutdown commercial-scale uranium-graphite reactors and radioactive waste storage facilities located at the enterprise sites are the basis for the decommissioning technology development;
  •  own experimental base.

Today “PDC UGR” JSC is a modern dynamically developed enterprise. Employees are charged with great tasks, including gaining solid competitive advantages in the area of nuclear facilities decommissioning, maintaining and strengthening its position at the domestic market and entering the “back end” foreign market.